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Introducing Content Automation

The only real answer to the challenge of creating, managing, publishing and delivering content to such a diverse array of media channels is Content Automation.

Content automation improves and streamlines content processes by:

  • Making the creation and consumption of content more efficient
  • Automating content publishing to multiple platforms
  • Simplifying content update tracking
  • Dynamically assembling and reusing Smart Content components
  • Enabling businesses to easily deliver personalized content to different audiences
  • Streamlining the process and timeline for translating content into other languages

The benefits of adopting a content automation solution are manifold—productivity goes up, time to market is reduced, your company can support more information products without adding resources, and you improve the quality of your published content for better customer engagement.

Content Automation Capabilities

  • Authoring Tools
  • Automated Publishing
  • Content Management System Integration
  • Cross-media Publishing
  • Digital Publishing
  • Personalisation/Customisation
  • Smart Content
  • Web Content Management Integration
  • Workflow & Collaboration
  • XML Authoring