Rajesh Kumar Tripathi

Rajesh Kumar Tripathi Solid technical background with understanding and hands-on experience in EICE Technologies, particularly GIS Applicatios (ArcGIS),Open Source (Geo-server), ScriptingLanguage (Openlayers , Geoext , Dojo) and.NET technologies particularly web services and SOA architecture.  Also in my work, I have used spatial databases (MSSQL and PostGIS), MapBasic programming (tools for MapInfo Professional), OGR/GDAL and QGIS/ARCGIS-

Piyush Pandey

I have +22 years of experience, responsible of for developing new prospects and technical services which include: energy business management & services; energy information management solutions and Offshore centric delivery operations in Energy and Utility sector. Has deep industry and technical experience as a domain consultant developed professional service offerings in Oil & Gas, Energy