.NET Integration Services

EICE InfoTech has delivered a number of .NET projects globally due to our skilled .NET coders workforce using cutting edge technologies. Enterprise restructuring methodologies integrate IT process across the organization’s departments.

Benefits of Integration

  • Integration ensures consistency of data across teams and departments, simplifies processes, and entitle employees with a comprehensive, accurate view of customer information.
  • With the Microsoft .NET technologies any types of system can be combined with business and financial system regardless of platform or programming language.
  • Microsoft .NET can make the most use of Microsoft BizTalk Server for creating customized integrations with third party applications and web services.

We provide the following beneficial in Microsoft NET Integration services Namely:

  • Platform integration through SOA's or web Services
  • Integration with Back-end Databases
  • Active Integration and Process Application Integration
  • Enterprise Application Integration Services

We provide our valued services in .NET Integration Services which includes

We provide various SQL servers reporting services enables you to design and deploy nicely formatted and interactive reports that can represent your data.

Support to Java application platform written in the java language and compile it to a java byte code.

Our services make .NET components to be available locally and invoke .NET components directly from CFM

Our ASP.NET developers write LOB applications which make it to easily exploit HTML5 form because ASP.NET now ships with ASP.NET MVC4 application templates, which make it easy to integrate HTML 5 into web forms and previous versions of ASP.NET.

We provide the user with ASP.NET and PHP integration which is one of the vital services, our business operates on many factors, and one of the largest is a fragmented ecosystem


We provide you with database integration, reducing the need to switch entire databases which would be expensive. We integrate crucial business applications consistently with variety of platforms using leading processes, tools and technologies. Our businesses operate on many factors, and one of the biggest headaches is a fragmented ecosystem. CRM, ERP, social media, or proprietary software can all be glued together with our third party application integration services that use the WCF framework.

Our Clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across public sector, private sector and local and national governments